SALINE, a parish, in the district of Dunfermline, county of Fife, 6 miles (N.W.) from Dunfermline; containing 1057 inhabitants, of whom 358 are in the village. This place is supposed to have derived its name, signifying in the Gaelic language "a hill or mountain," from the hills within its limits, of which one is of considerable height. The parish is situated at the western extremity of the county, and is about seven miles in length from east to west, and about six miles in extreme breadth, comprising an area of 5000 acres, divided among various proprietors. The surface towards the north and east is diversified with hills, the highest of which has an elevation of nearly 500 feet above the level of the sea; but the western portion of the parish is generally level. The land near the village is moderately fertile; in other parts the soil is thin, resting on a tilly bottom, and there are large tracts of moss affording only an abundant supply of peat. Those lands which were marshy have been recently much improved by draining. The system of agriculture has been greatly advanced, and the crops of all kinds are now favourable; the farmbuildings are substantial and commodious, and all the more recent improvements in implements of husbandry have been adopted. The substratum abounds with coal, lime, and ironstone; the coal is of good quality, and there are some mines in operation, but the principal collieries of the district are at Blairingone, in the neighbouring parish of Fossoway. There are extensive limeworks, also, at the extremity of the parish; and the ironstone is good, and now wrought to a very great extent. The rateable annual value of Saline is £6692. The seats are, Upper and Lower Kinnedars, Bandrum, Balgonar, Kirklands, Rhynds, and Oakley, all handsome mansions pleasantly situated. The village is on the road to Auchterarder; it is neatly built, and has a rural appearance. It is divided into two nearly equal parts by a stream flowing through it; that part called the New Town is rapidly increasing in extent. The ecclesiastical affairs are under the superintendence of the presbytery of Dunfermline and synod of Fife. The minister's stipend is £156. 17. 2., of which one-half is paid from the exchequer; with a manse, and a glebe valued at £15 per annum: patron, the Crown. The church is a plain structure situated in the village. The parochial school is attended by about eighty children; the master has a salary of £34. 4. 4., with a house and garden, and the fees average £40 per annum. The members of the Free Church have a place of worship. There are some vestiges of two ancient towers, and also two Roman camps.

A Topographical dictionary of Scotland. . 1856.


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